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Enterprise Storage
06.04.2017 10:58

Does your workplace not have the place accessible to keep all of its equipment or documents? Or perhaps your company is amongst amenities, and requirements a spot to keep additional household furniture in the meantime. What ever its wants, Miracle Movers is happy to offer a vast range of safe, cost-effective business storage options for Canadian companies.

As a enterprise ourselves, understands how valuable place of work home is to your business. Which is why we’ve manufactured safety our top precedence at our storage amenities, every of which is monitored by 24-hour online video surveillance and equipped with safety lights to safeguard from vandalism or burglars. Moreover, each and every locker can only be accessed by the firm it is registered to – and nobody else.

Each and every storage room is also weather controlled, protecting your files and other objects from excessive heat, chilly, or moisture injury, and the facility is frequently inspected by pest control agents who make certain no unwanted raccoons, rodents, or bugs discover their way inside as nicely.

Miracle Movers is acknowledged by the CMSN and BBB as 1 of Canada’s most reliable storage providers, and is pleased to provide Canadian companies equally brief- and extended-phrase storage options at inexpensive, aggressive costs. No matter your requirements, we’ll be satisfied to accommodate them – speak to us to reserve a place right now!

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