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Protection Company In Sri Lanka
04.04.2017 00:05

Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd is a minimal liability organization focused on provisioning stability wants on omni-directional nature to a big span of consumers in Sri Lanka is set up in 2004. It brings totally new dimension and class to the arena of person and corporate protection wants in the country. Comprising of raring to go war hardened, proactive and ex-servicemen, Manko is the response to tomorrows substantial finish stability nowadays.
As the primordial issue of protection answers, we give hyperactive, bodily exceptional Administration to tailor-made the consumer demand from customers and perceived security problems. VIP protection, crowd obtain control, function administration, total stability options for any assignment large or modest is our power backed by our well qualified service partners with sufficient experience in the safety subject.
We believe in being proactive, and customer centered, give tailor-created protection solutions according to client requirements. The human issue is amplified by investing in Instruction, technology and continuing education.
We endeavor to repeatedly build Manko as a higher stop provider business for top quality companies. We focus on addressing the challenges of customers who comprehend their requirements and benefit the blend of our experience, service and responsiveness.
Manko assures all its support companies are reliable and as such they could be used on any job to fulfill consumer desire upon recent industrial requirements. Additionally, all its provider companies only on going through an substantial market oriented coaching by way of civil stability office at Kalutara, they are formally inducted to the method to discharge duties to attain several protection calls for by big buyer phase Manko has secured to date with fantastic sense of reliability.

To develop a healthful successful firm that will be acknowledged for its target on client retention by means of services excellence.
Construct and keep a popularity for dedication to delivering extended-expression employment options for its personnel.
To satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations.
To guarantee leading security companies in sri lanka of our clients’ individuals, premises and property and to decrease their financial and material reduction by prevention and timeous detection of criminal pursuits.
We will measure our achievement by analysis of our shopper retention and new organization development.
Customer gratification will be calculated by ongoing consumer pleasure surveys and compliance with Provider Amount Agreements.
Manko ensures that all its buyers acquire best return on their investment on multiplicity of their safety demands with believe in in excess of its protecting services that will be carried out with utmost commitment, integrity and vigilance. It is totally accredited, bonded and insured which supplies exceptional companies 24 hrs a working day irrespective of Govt and Mercantile vacations.


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