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Superior Insulation is the quantity 1 decision for Injection Foam in Connecticut.
31.03.2017 07:21

What is the variation?

As opposed to spray foam, there is no need to have for leaving the home when the software is getting manufactured, because there is no odor triggered by off-gassing. Additionally, this is a merchandise with reduced shrinkage and extremely-reduced odor. It is a Class I rated product and meets or exceeds all creating code needs.

In a 4 inch thick wall, injection foam achieves an R-Price of R-sixteen. That indicates it is successful and that it can supply insulation from heat in such harsh summers that occurs in Connecticut each and every yr. Furthermore, it operates flawlessly for greater buildings, supplying identical protection, insulation and efficiency as small houses.

And when applied to a six inch thick wall, it can accomplish an amazing R-Price of R-24!

Injection foam also consists of three EPA detailed antifungal additives and is examined for termite and mould resistance, rendering a safer, better house.
We install the InsulSmart Inside Foam Insulation® solution line.

Attic Insulation New London set up the InsulSmart Interior Foam Insulation® merchandise line.
The sensible option for insulating new & existing partitions.
Safely and securely and effortlessly set up in household & Industrial constructions.
Injection foam insulation is perfect for enhancing thermal insulation or for audio reduction.
Injection Foam Insulation Supplies Outstanding Insulating Benefit
Mounted in a 4″ thick wall achieves an R-Worth of R-sixteen
Set up in a 6″ thick wall achieves an incredible R-Worth of R-24


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