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What is a Journey Agent?
25.03.2017 10:19

The term travel of course refers to the act of going from one location to one more. And, in accordance to travel agent sri lanka , the word agent refers to a single who acts for yet another. Also, a vacation agent functions for each the supplier and the purchaser of travel and travel connected services.

Therefore, the question of what is a journey agent is maybe answered very best by stating that:

A travel agent is one particular who arranges the sale and acquire of all kinds, groups and varieties of transportation, lodging, tours, and excursions.
A vacation company (or bureau) is the name employed by firms that have interaction in arranging the sale and obtain of vacation and journey associated providers. Travel brokers operate as workers or they can work independently.

If vacation is considered as the legs of the tourism business, then the neighborhood of vacation agents is viewed as the indispensable backbone of that industry.

But, there is a new child on the block and that new kid is the net (Globe Extensive Web). You might say that the use of the web to set up vacation solutions is a different kind of journey agent, or vacation agency dependent on your view.

It is challenging to say if the world wide web will eventually exchange vacation agents as the "backbone" of the tourism industry. But, ahead of you make a decision on how you will make journey arrangements get a search at some extra details that may possibly affect your look at on utilizing travel agents.


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