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What is ECP Treatment?
25.03.2017 10:46

External Counter Pulsation (ECP) Remedy has been verified, through hundreds of scientific trials, to be a secure and powerful treatment for sufferers with a variety of medical situations. ECP Therapy gives a wide assortment of rewards to the total health system by restoring the shipping and delivery of oxygenated prosperous blood to all organs, muscle groups, ligaments and tendons of the physique. ECP treatments are reduced risk, straightforward to tolerate and supply considerable enhancement to virtually each and every individual that completes a total course of 35 periods.

ECP Treatment acts as an external “cardiac aid device” aiding the coronary heart carry out more successfully with tiny energy or pressure for the duration of therapy. This treatment procedure delivers oxygenated rich blood to all organs, such as the heart. This process above time, enhances the mechanical operation of the heart by delivering a lot more cardiac output (stronger heart) with much less effort. This outcomes in a more efficient vascular technique.

The mechanical process of ECP Treatment systematically restores nourishment to regions of the body that have slowly deteriorated more than time with age. The restoration of oxygen-wealthy blood movement to your total body, will consequence in a obvious enhancement in total overall health and wellness. ECP rehabilitation remedy delivers enhancement in function of the coronary heart, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes, muscle tissues, tendons, ligaments, pores and skin and all your outer extremities that need to have vitamins for sustaining productive purpose.

How does ECP Remedy function?

During ECP Remedy, pressure cuffs are wrapped firmly about the calves, thighs, and buttocks. The cuffs inflate and deflate between each and every coronary heart conquer and supply a compression of the vasculature producing a strong “counter pulse.” This counter pulse sends freshly oxygenated blood hurrying back again in the direction of the coronary heart. This increases the peak diastolic force and oxygen- abundant blood source that is sent to the coronary heart muscle.

The exterior counter pulse also will increase pre-load, or the volume of venous (utilized) blood movement that is returned to Heart Disease . Eventually, this assists to enhance the quantity of blood circulated by way of the cardiovascular system every minute. The outcomes of ECP Treatment support to boost myocardial perfusion, or the quantity of oxygen absorbed by the coronary heart muscle mass and perfusion of other important organs. Moreover, indicators are decreased or removed.

When the air force cuffs are released, the blood surges again toward the places of compression, away from the coronary heart. This motion decreases soon after-load, or systemic vascular resistance. Systolic pressure usually drops additional decreasing the workload of the heart.

When the air force cuffs are introduced, the blood surges back towards the regions of compression, away from the coronary heart. This action decreases after-load, or systemic vascular resistance. Systolic force typically drops further reducing the workload of the coronary heart.

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